PC Repair, Data Management, Vrtualization and Remote Support Services

Services Offered

PC Repair

Install operating system (Windows, Linux, etc)

Install productivity software (Office, etc.)

Install support software (Compression software, media burning, etc.)

I any install any hardware components you need for your computer or laptop. This includes but is not limited to hard drives, motherboards, fans, power supply, expand/replace your RAM or CPU, and add or replace any wiring.

I can perform any general cleaning and testing of the system.

Virus/malware removal


Moving computer components from one case to another

Data Management

Recover data from a physically damaged hard drive, formatted hard drive, solid state drive, flash drive and execute any data recovery service.

Migrate data and applications from non-domain servers or other network devices.

Document types, including different text, audio, and video file formats

Convert data from .txt to .doc files, can migrate data from .pdf to specialty software that is capable of handling or importing the type, etc.

Secure data destruction refers to the removal of data from storage media to make the data completely irrecoverable by anyone.

Planning and establishing a backup plan

Deploying the hardware and software for that plan on your premises

Deploying and/or hosting an off-site backup solution

Remote Support & Virtualization

I am familiar with several forms of virtualization solutions. Whether you need a single virtual machine to test with, or an entire fleet of virtual machines, I can do it!

I use multiple forms of remote software to enable me to work with your systems whether I am in your office or my own. I can assist in troubleshooting and network-wide support through these remote technologies.

I use technologies such as Anydesk, Team Viewer, Remote Utilities, etc to remote into your device and complete any necessary tasks without interrupting your day or needing you to stay on the device while I perform the tasks.

Have a Project in mind?

I can help solve your PC Repair or Data Management issues through Remote Support or Drop Off service. Let’s talk about what we can remedy together.

Let's get you up and running.

You are not alone. I have your back and will swiftly and effectively cater to your PC Repair, Data Management, or Virtualization needs. If you are looking for the right computer technician to fix your PC or maintain your data, reach out today to eliminate any more downtime or chaos.